About US


SAI APPOLLO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION is now synonymous with quality education and sustainable social empowerment.While our belief in universal education is slowly empowering ruralstate area communities throughout many generations, I would like to highlight the immediate needs of the socially and developmentally challenged rural poor, who have no community or government support.

SAI APPOLLO Social Development unit focuses on the young and the old, physically and mentally challenged, women and children, healthy and sick people in and around CUDDALORE. Its main goal is to provide for and empower those who are not able to take care of themselves.



PEOPLE SERVICE TRUST(PST) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization founded by DR.A.R.Thangadurai to create an inclusive culture towards global harmony and progress. Its powerful health,education programs for inner transformation and inspiring projects for society and environment are appreciated worldwide, reflecting in people service Trust consultative status to register this documents at cuddalore dist for Trust Act.


Quality in Higher Education, empowerment through knowledge, inclusive Growth for Socio-Economic Change and Sustainable Development.


To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge. competence and creatively to face challenges.

To achieve innovations in teaching - learning research and extension activities to realize national goals.

To facilitate optimum use of human and neural resources for sustainable development.

To promote participation of all the stateholders in the development of the institution and the region.

To promote and practice inclusive growth.

To adopt and promote the knowledge output for human development.

To create awareness of human rights, value system and culture.